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  • Some natural travel necessities! •Homemade Sun Block made with beeswax, zinc oxide, almond oil, coconut oil, drop of vanilla and orange essential oils. He estimated SPF is said to be about 15.🌞
•NOW Essential Oils Lavender Oil which is amazing for nighttime relaxation and airplane sleeps!🌾
•Homemade Headache and Bug Bite Relief Roller made with fractionated coconut oil and a few drops of mint essential oils. It's cooling and delightful for headache relief on the temples.🙏🏼
  • Playing around upside down in de Prinsenhof tuin in Groningen, Nederland.

I love this city! 🇳🇱🚲
  • Children's yoga teaches me playfulness, patience, love and pure youthful joy!

These teaching experiences can be tricky with an overly excitable group, but they're so rewarding nonetheless!

Lions breath🦁, balloon breath🎈 and bees breath🐝 help us to come down from an overactive mind. It's beautiful.💫 #yogaforchildren #childrensyoga 🙏🏼💕👧🏽👦🏼🤸🏽‍♂️
  • There is beauty in silence, stillness and calm. 👌🏼 📸@bri_brothers

#consciousness #mudra #chinmudra #intentions #meditation #calm #stillness #beauty #silence #yoga
  • Still up on the high. 🌷WELCOME SPRING!🌷 Yoga Mala is such a special practice. 2.5 hours of breathing, moving and meditating. This time around with 14 other Yogis. 📿🙏🏼🌳🌸🌎🌞 As the light comes back for longer each day, we see growth, new life, regeneration and SPRING.

Namasté 🙏🏼
  • A little Tuesday morning Legs up the Wall Pose and Savasana peace.

What a delightful way to escape the cold! ❄️🙏🏼📿 and a rainbow of colours brightens any morning!