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  • Happy day of love to you all! It's a day to spread some hearts around 💕

Share a hug, a kiss and a treat or two 💝 and make heart shapes all day in your yoga!
  • Ugh, my heart! Private in home sessions have to be one of my favourite parts of work! These vibrant young ladies remind me that playfulness and laughter also belong on the yoga mat. 🙊

Be creative, let loose, smile, giggle till you cry, groan in Utkatasana and Chaturanga Danadasana 😆, request your favourite postures. FEEL FREE! Yoga is an outlet. Express yourself in your truest form.

It's you, your mat, and in Eva and Julia's case, your sissy by your side. 💖💞💘💗💝
  • Making shapes and focusing the mind. Tonight's Power Vinyasa is geared to moving some energy around!

Hmmmm, we might even try toe stand!👣
  • This weeks peak pose in Power Vinyasa Flow was Elephant Trunk Pose!🐘 We had lots of laughs, I was told I was crazy and despite their doubts, many people had a moment of flight! I'm so proud that we can grow and have so much fun on our mats.

That's what the practice is all about; self expression and discovery. Join the journey! 💫🙏🏼
  • Groundedness and flight. Finding a balance between the two is so vital to our energy. Stay humble but never stop dreaming. 🙏🏼 I'm teaching Power Vinyasa Yoga tonight. Can't wait, come join me! 💫

#balance #flow #breathe
  • Set intentions, aim high 💫

Welcome, 2017. We have high hopes for you 💛