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  • Happy Halloween from this fruit bat to you! 🦇🔮⚰️🍂
  • Lots to celebrate!

1) Got my Schwinn Cycle Certification on Saturday!
🚵🏼‍♀️ 2) Moved out of my downtown apartment and into suburban living🏡

3) Champagne birthday coming soooooooooooon! 🍾
  • Hyper-mobility. It's something to be cautious with!

I used to fling my leg back and deeply bend into Natarajasana | Pose of a Dancer as well as many other backbends and hip openers. Sometimes I still do hyper extend through the hip because (in the moment) it feels great.

BUT! Lately I've been easing back. I've done some pretty extensive damage within my right hip and it's due to hyper-mobility and lack of care in deep hip flexor stretching.

A hyper-mobile joint is a highly unstable joint. Conversely, a stiff joint has great stability, albeit limited range of motion. I'm working on finding that balance. That happy medium where caution in movement meets delight and comfort in the pose.

There will be no pushing past my limits anymore.. even if my body can physically move that way it doesn't mean that it should.

  • This mornings yoga practice was the fullest in a while! People are back into the swing of things 🙏🏼 We welcomed two gorgeous twin girls new to Stratford. They are refugees from Syria and don't speak English but they have the most beautiful smiles and know the language of yoga. I'm so honoured that they chose my class this morning. 💕 welcoming them with open arms! 
Another note: in Savasana I noticed that from my mat, every mat in the room formed a beautiful symmetrical diamond-like pattern. Beauty in happenstance 🔷⬜️🔷 Enjoy your weekend!
  • Some days yoga means high energy heart and breath quickening Vinyasa. 💗Other days yoga means extended time on the PranaMat in Savasana and deep gentle twists.🙏🏼 Listen to what you need from your practice and do just that.👌🏼 #patience #tapas #rest #long #slow #gentle #savasana #meditation #selflove #metime #yoga #vinyasa #matlove #prana #pranamat
  • Yesterday afternoon a migraine knocked me off my feet and into bed for hours... Today I feel better so I started my morning off with sunshine yoga with a pal, then taught a private restorative and posture strengthening yoga session. Soon I'm heading to Nia to dance it out and meditate more... and tonight I get to teach my weekly Power Vinyasa class.

Wednesday is a good day. 🙏🏼 Namasté, do something for self care today 💙